Why I’m In Love With My Instant Pot

I am late to the Instant Pot party. I remember reading blog and Facebook post a couple of years ago raving about the Instant Pot. At first I thought, “how good can this really be?” I mean, I already had a slow cooker and a pressure cooker (I actually on use this one for canning foods), so did I actually need to have this in my kitchen. So I chalked all this rave and praise as just a new fade and figured out the hype will subside in time. Well fast forward two years and the hype of the Instant Pot is thriving and still going strong. So I decided after really looking over reviews and researching the product I was going to ask for one for Christmas (and a big thanks to my Dad for purchasing one for me).

So many choices…

So when you type in Instant Pot in the Amazon search bar you get a page of possibilities, so how do you choose which one is for you? Well, I began to research each one, I would click on the product, read the reviews and look at the specifications . I know it sounds a bit nerdy but this was going to be a big purchase and one that I wanted to make sure was meaningful and purposeful. I didn’t want or need a new kitchen counter decoration, I wanted something that I was going to use on a regular basis. The two biggest features I looked at were the functions and size of the Instant Pot. It probably sounds easier than I made it, and there are cool new ones that are digital but did not come in the size that I wanted (at least not at the time I was looking). I really wanted the DUO 8 QT–you might be thinking–“Oh man that is a monster pot for a family of four!” Yeah, you might be right but I sat down and thought of all the reasons I wanted to have that size.

I already own a pressure cooker…

This was probably the biggest dilemma I faced when thinking of this purchase. The instant pot does not just replace a pressure cooker, it can replace your slow cooker, and yogurt maker too. I don’t have a yogurt maker but I have done a lot of research on them and I have thought of purchasing one. Now, I have a small kitchen with limited counter and cupboard space, I really don’t have the space to be adding too many kitchen gadgets. So how can I justify getting another pressure cooker, if I already own one?

Well, I wonder how often you use your pressure cooker? I know I didn’t use mine at all when I had one and it took me two years to gather the nerve to use my pressure canner. Why you ask? Well, how many times have you heard of pressure cookers/canners blowing off the lid? I am pretty sure you’ve seen the meme right–the one where the pressure cooker lid is embedded in the ceiling of the kitchen? I have actually heard a story from my Nana  of this happening to someone in the family. So there you go, instant fear! When I did finally get the courage to use my pressure canner, I still find myself standing way back and telling my kids to stay out of the kitchen until the process is complete. Needless to say, the only thing I have encountered with my pressure canner is a few broken jar (boo to lost food) and steam burns when taking the cover off because I am pretty impatient!

Finding the one you HAVE to have

Yup, I found the one I absolutely wanted, the Instant Pot Duo80 8 QT. I knew this was going to a great addition to my kitchen and help me in not only preparing meals but preparing food that I would can in my pressure canner. (A very important note–this appliance is not to be used as a pressure canner to seal and preserve low acidic food) So my main reasons for getting the larger sized pot was because I like to cook a whole chicken in my slow cooker instead of in the oven and I wanted to make large batches of soup, stews and broth to can and preserve for my family. So when you make your choice, think about how you want to use the Instant Pot, I know several people that have the 6 QT and like it just fine.

Now I can’t stop

I have pretty much made 90% of my meals in the Instant Pot since I set it up and I absolutely love it!! It saves me time and the food is cooked so well. I especially liked the way it cooked chicken, I dry chicken out in the oven no matter what I do and Anna usually tells me “it’s too hard to chew”. The last time I cooked chicken I used the Instant Pot, I put in two large chicken breast with the bone and sprinkled dry Italian dressing over the top and put in about a 1/4 cup of water. I set the Instant Pot to the correct function and time. It was PERFECT and so delicious!!

The biggest bonus is being able to put food in the pot, set it and walk away. I don’t have to stir anything, watch to make sure I don’t burn it because the water evaporates (yes, I have don’t this SEVERAL times) or dirty too many dishes to make a meal. Spaghetti and meatballs all in the same pot; raw meatballs, hard spaghetti noodles and sauce all cooked at the same time (my time for cooking all this was around 30 minutes!) This is a mommy win! I only wish I didn’t wait so long to get one on my counter. Apparently this year, many people had the same idea as I did and they went out of stock. I just saw tonight that they are going back on sale January 22. 2018 on Amazon (the 8QT).

Do you have any Instant Pot recipes that are family must haves? Please share in the comments below!

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