Turkey Hunting-Spring 2017

The First Game Hunt of the Year

It has been a long, cold winter here in Maine; but the snow has melted away and SPRING HAS ARRIVED. Well on the calendar at least, the temperatures are still cool and the days dreary. It has been four months since the opportunity to hunt wild game and the meat in the freezer is getting low. May 1st marked the first day of turkey hunting in the state; the bag limit is two bearded turkeys for the spring hunt. The first day did not start out as planned, the rain was falling hard but as the day went on the rain faded.

Whoops!! Remember to always double check and be sure you have the correct ammo before you head out on your hunt!! Just a little snag, thank goodness for the hunting supply store nearby. 

The First Call 

With word that the turkeys were moving through I had to act fast. After arriving and completing a quick camo check; a mouth gobble was done. A turkey answered along the backside of a ridge, and we set up our spot with decoys. A second call was made and the turkey answered from the opposite side of the ridge. After making another call is was determined that the turkey was not moving; so the decision to set up in a new location was made. At the new spot we made a few more calls to find the turkey so we could know where to set up; there was a no time to set up as the bird snuck in on us. BOOM! FIRST BIRD DOWN!

14 pound Jake tagged on opening day May 1st


Preparing For The Second Hunt

On May 3rd, it was decided that it would be a good idea to go out and “put some turkeys to bed”. Out on some windy, dirt road while stepping out of the car (to look for fiddleheads!), three hens got spooked and moved further down. Parking the car up the road and using a Fox Pro Electronic Game Call, a couple of Tom turkeys were heard. Here is a link to the Fox Pro Electronic Game Call that is also programmable.

But one stood out and was very vocal during the “putting to bed” and during our drive out he was easy to spot high in a tree. A plan was made for the next day. It was going to be an early morning hunt and hopefully a successful one.

A Hunting We Will Go

The plan was to meet up early in the morning with a fellow hunting friend. Decisions were made on the way to come into the area and where we each would sit. We were certain the location of one Tom turkey and with hens in the area there are sure to be more around. There was a great excitement surrounding this hunt, it felt like Christmas morning. We followed the plan, approached the site and sat where we each thought the best shot would be.  However, the thrill of hunting is having to use the knowledge and skills you have to make the hunt successful. The large Tom turkey approached from a different way and changed the game plan a bit, but a kill shot was still made. The excitement continued when two more Tom turkeys moved their way in towards us. We each tagged our limit of Tom turkeys for the spring season on May 4th! We will be back at it in the fall!!

20 pound Tom tagged on May 4th–A BEAUTY!!


Check out our YouTube video documenting each hunt.

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