The Kitchen Clean-Out (When Life Is Messy Series)

Okay so I told you I was going to try and make the When Life Is Messy a series of post and here is the second post. I took some time away from intense blogging to focus on my kitchen (well to be honest I have been trying to do other rooms too) and giving it a complete transformation. No I didn’t gut it out and remodel, although sometimes doesn’t that seem like the easier option. I mean have you ever thought “It would be so much easier if my kitchen had a different set up or if I had this option in my kitchen it wouldn’t get so messy”.  Well, maybe that’s just me but who am I kidding none of those would solve my problem; I actually had to do it myself and make some changes. But how did I get to this point where I looked around and said “things need to change”?

Well, I wish I could say that I just woke up one day filled with immense desire and motivation to clean out our house but that wasn’t really the way it took place. You see, this has been a LONG winter and not the most compatible with outdoor activities either (either too cold or icy outside for a baby). So it has been a blah winter and that can lead to blah behavior; you know where things get half done or not at all.  Christmas came and we all got a great number of gifts, but the process of moving out items we no longer needed has been slow. So the clutter began to mount and I think it got to a point where it began to overtake me. Everything in my life became cluttered; my free time became cluttered with things that I didn’t want to do in my free time, homeschool became cluttered with housework, housework became cluttered with errands, and just life in general felt cluttered with other things. It became overwhelming and a bit depressing, I felt like a hamster on a wheel…you know running but getting nowhere. So I just decided it was time for a change, I needed to make this change for me and my family. So I am going to show you the before and after pictures of my kitchen overhaul–which really began when we decided to move the table out of the kitchen and make a dining/homeschool room.  So here are the before pictures—-be prepared!!

Ugh, just looking at these pictures is so depressing. In a bit of fairness though the items on the floor were removed from other rooms. I had initially tried to sell the items on a local Facebook swap/sell site but I did not have much luck. I was getting tired of just hanging onto the items, so I just decided it was in our best interest to get rid of the stuff. So after I purged the items cluttering the floor, I decided to clean out the refrigerator. I check expiration dates and threw out old or outdated food items. Then, I got a small plastic basin with warm soapy water and scrubbed the shelves and drawers. Not only does the fridge look so much nice but I have to believe that a less cluttered space keeps your food fresher and healthier.

The final stage of the cleaning process was to go through all my cabinets and get rid of any items no longer needed or used. You might be asking yourself ‘Is there any difference between no longer needed or used?” Why, yes there is…for example I use pot holders but upon my cleaning I found that I had 21 of them!! How in the world did I accumulate that many? Well, my grandmother makes them and gives them to me as gifts and I just kept putting the new ones in the drawer without taking any away. So you see I used them but I certainly did not NEED that many!! I also cleared my counter space and reduced the amount of appliances that I kept on the counter. Below are the final results of my kitchen clean out–one in a collage form and the other a panorama camera shot.

I will be totally honest that this project took me some time, the complete process took about a week for me. Please keep in mind that I also homeschool so I could only devote a small amount of time each day to this project.  I did however, realize the importance of this project and I would shut off all distractions. I did not socialize much during this time because I felt it was super important for me and my family that I be focused and get this job done! The results are awesome!! Our kitchen feels so much bigger and without so much stuff in it, I feel like I can clean it quicker.

Are there any rooms in your house that are overwhelming you with clutter? I still have other rooms to clean out but the progress is great. If you need any inspiration on getting rid of clutter check out minimalism, it completely changed my view on how much stuff I truly needed (I researched this after I had begun my process but it made so much sense).