Wild Edibles

Feast on Fiddleheads

I have lived in the same town for 21 years now; and for as long as I can remember people in this area have always had a love for fiddleheads. To be quite honest for a long time, I really had no idea what a fiddlehead was exactly. I grew up with the usual meal Read More

Turkey Hunt

Turkey Hunting-Spring 2017

The First Game Hunt of the Year It has been a long, cold winter here in Maine; but the snow has melted away and SPRING HAS ARRIVED. Well on the calendar at least, the temperatures are still cool and the days dreary. It has been four months since the opportunity to hunt wild game and Read More

Meat Rabbits o the Homestead

Meat Rabbits On The Homestead

“You have meat rabbits on your homestead, are they really that beneficial?” This is a question we get asked frequently when we mention we raise rabbits for meat. For many people, they see rabbits solely as a pet; as a fluffy ball of fur to pet and snuggle. This is something you are going to Read More


Thinking About Homesteading-How We Started Over

Homesteading has become hip! There seems to be a new movement to create a homestead–right how hard can it be? All you need is a few chickens, a thriving garden, maybe a few other crops or livestock. Simple, right? Yeah that is what we thought too. We built a coop, got some chickens, a pig and Read More