Four Reason We Chose To Homeschool

Four Reasons We Chose To Homeschool

Thinking back on the first conversation my husband and I had about homeschooling, it seems like so long ago. I think the first conversation we had about homeschool was even before we had kids, even before we were married!! I really can’t even remember why the topic of homeschooling came up because I think at Read More

Stop Worrying About My Child's Socialization

Stop Worrying About My Child’s Socialization; Worry About Your Own

So what brought you here? Is it the title, did it offend you? Did you read it, throw your hands up and exclaim “finally, someone said it!” Well, whatever side you are on, I hope you continue reading to better understand my blunt expression. “Oh, you homeschool? Well, don’t forget to socialized your child.” As Read More

Making it

Making It The Best Summer

Summertime Boredom As a child care provider I was very accustomed to children saying “I’m bored” or “There’s nothing to do”. In all actuality there are several available activities for children to do in the summer that do not solely revolve around television or video games. I know it sounds strange right? Parents, think back Read More