Happy New Year!!

Ahh the New Year!! I am so glad to close out 2017… yeah 2017 was at times difficult. It was a bumpy ride at times, one with disappointment and loss. However, in the end 2017 did bring about some really good changes and many lessons were learned throughout. Now a new year is upon us and in true new year fashion its the time to make resolutions, right?

Resolutions…my blunder

Well, this year I am changing the way I make a resolution. I am making goals instead and I am printing them out to put in a binder. This is not a new idea but one I have seen before and actually one Matt and I did for our homestead. I was able to learn a lot from our first “goal” setting–we didn’t keep the goals handy or visible so we kind of lost track. None the less, it really motivated me to make some goals for me personally. I decided not to just make one goal but to make categories and three ways I would like to improve, strengthen, or enrich myself in that area.

My Motto For The Year

I have been seeing a lot on blogs that I follow the  question “what is your word/motto for the year”. Well it didn’t take me long to figure out my motto for the New Year and my motto is “WE GOT THIS!” My life is not just about me, there is nothing I do that does not affect, touch, reach or trickle down to someone else in my household. In each of the areas I decided to focus on for my years goals, if I succeed in these areas and by succeed I mean actually working towards meeting the goal, then my whole family succeeds. If I feel like I am accomplishing good things, my mood becomes positive, my attitude becomes better. Then,  I become a better wife, a better mom and a better child of God/steward of Jesus; these three things are the center of my being.

Setting Goals For 2018

I wanted to step out this year, step out of the common resolution to lose weight or eat better. Don’t get me wrong those are great goals and I do have them in my list but I didn’t want to stop there or limit myself. I know that I need a bigger push, I am pretty easily distracted, I need more detailed instructions. I have a hard time focusing on broad ideas, if you know me then you know I have an obsession with lists. This is because I need help focusing–well that and I have an obsession with office supplies 😉 So I set areas in my life that I wanted to focus on as my headers or categories– I chose personal, spiritual, homemaking, homeschooling, homemaking, homesteading, and work. Under each area I listed three things that I wanted to work towards. Now, I made sure that I was realistic in my goals. The point of setting goals is to accomplish tasks and enrich your life, not to create stress or failure.

I will post my goals in a picture on Instagram and our Facebook Page–so if your curious to see what I chose. Let me know if you have set goals or resolutions for the New Year and how you keep them. Here’s to 2018!!

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