Bird Watching Through The Seasons

One of our favorite homeschooling activities is bird watching. We are very fortunate to live in an area that has an abundance of birds throughout the year. The best part is we see different birds in different seasons (that is one benefit of living in the Northeast). In the spring, I always listen for the call of the Red-Winged Blackbird, when I hear it calling I know truly spring is coming soon!! In our area you do not care what the calendar says, you listen and watch the animals!

Anna loves animals and has always enjoyed watching the birds at the bird feeder out of our front window–now she shares this enjoyment with her two-year-old brother. We also live on a pond and we get to see so many great birds such as ducks, geese, bald eagles and blue herons, so I decided we really needed to capitalize on this enjoyment. Anna is a doodler, she draws all over her schoolwork (it is so fun to try and pick out worksheets for her portfolio). As I began to think of a way to document her bird watching, my neighbor told us how she keeps a bird journal. She prints out pictures of the bird and write the date she saw the bird. I love the idea but I wanted to make it more personal for my daughter and capture her creative nature. So I developed a sheet that allows Anna to fill in the date, name of the bird and her own drawing of the bird. She did a bird book last year, and it has been fun to see the progression of her art and attention to details; it is also a great record of her handwriting.

Click on the pictures below to download your own copy of the sheets I created! Remember this doesn’t need to be for homeschoolers only, any family can enjoy the bird watching journal.





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