About Us

We are a family of four; husband, wife and two kiddos, homesteading in Maine. Our goal is to live a simpler and more self sufficient lifestyle.  Our ways of achieving this are through homesteading, homeschooling and homemaking. We believe this way of life has been given to us by the Lord and we seek His guidance daily.  We have a small one acre homestead that we are working to make more efficient and plentiful.  We enjoy our time together as a family and we each play an important role in making things work on the homestead daily (yes, even the baby of the family!).


Matthew: Hunting (especially with the family bird dog Duke), fishing, playing guitar (or a variety of other instruments), playing cribbage (taught to him by his wife), tractors, farming and alternative energy.

Yvonne: Reading, sewing, knitting (self-taught and a beginner), crocheting, cooking, gardening, farming, canning, and drinking tea (hot or cold!) 

Anna: dolls, swinging outside, helping take care of the baby animals on the homestead and music.

Eli: blankie, tending the homestead on Momma’s back in the Ergo, watching the chickens and rabbits.