2018 Reading Challenge

So for this year, I challenged myself to read 40 books. At first when I set the goal I thought piece of cake. Well, now I sit here in the first week of February with one book under my belt–sigh 🙁 Part of me has become discouraged, wondering what in the world was I thinking? It is easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed by this challenge even though it’s only February.  So my biggest issue is–How do I reset myself so I will not abandon my goal?

I have several friends who enjoy reading, and they share their reading on social media–Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Thankfully they post the books they finished reading and this helps inspire me to read on 🙂 I have also decided that is okay to count the books I read aloud to my daughter for homeschool purposes, these books are chapter books of at least 100 pages or more. I am excited to read books that I have never read before as a child and re-read some I have with her.  I am going to use this post as a way to document and share the books I have read with you.


  1. The Year of  Fog by Michelle Richmond  


Curious what I am currently reading? Check out the sidebar on the site and look for the Goodreads icon.

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